Professional Biography


There are few singers like Lidia Valenta. Her music blends many genres, breaking down the boundaries of what can be easily defined as classic, pop, jazz, or blues. Her distinct, high- recognition voice is silky and sensuous. It has an intimate quality to it, and in her soft tones she evokes a calm, yet passionate strength. Her career has been an international one. Ms Valenta’s music does not stay in one place, and nor does she. She is always on the move, eager to explore new art forms, innovate musically, pursue project after project with vigorous enthusiasm and originality. Her artistic career must be appreciated as an ever-evolving and beautiful mosaic. To understand it, however, one must look to her beginning.

Lidia Valenta was born in Brest, and while she spent some of her childhood in Prague, was largely raised internationally. She spent her university years in Kaliningrad and learning music in Moscow. During this period of her life, she was already touring frequently with chamber choirs and a folk music band, making appearances on TV and radio.

By the time Ms Valenta had reached adulthood and settled in Dresden, she was traveling extensively as a successful professional singer and songwriter, playing major concert halls in Rome, Zurich, Berlin, Moscow, and many other cities. Her masterful, emotive voice has earned her the praise of famed Russian radio and TV presenter Svetlana Galagan and culture critic Artem Warhaftig, who said her voice was “heavenly, something not of this Earth, instantly enchants the audience with its crystal clarity.” This led to her being featured and interviewed on The Stars of Moscow program on radio station Voice of Russia. Her voice was also admired by the great Sir Peter Ustinov.

Today, Ms Valenta’s career is as active as ever. She frequently collaborates with internationally prominent musicians and music producers to create original songs, while also finding time to rearrange previous songs of hers.

Meanwhile, Ms Valenta has also created and launched her first porcelain collection. To do so she has collaborated with Dresdner Porzellan—one of Germany’s oldest porcelain factories—and Holger John, the famous German artist. The art vases evoke the classical porcelain form, while injecting a refreshing modernist sensibility. With her exhibitions in Dresden, Meissen and the Frankfurt International Trade Fair being major commercial and critical successes, garnering her much media acclaim, she is now looking to take her high-quality, provocative art to the global level.

Her porcelain art and music reflects who she is in life: a soulful visionary, sincere and optimistic, unafraid to shatter cliches and find melodious harmony in the most unexpected of places.